''For the discerning pet owner''
You'll need a nice place for your little pet to stay
For the best accomodation and that's easy to afford
While he's here he'll get lots of love and care
And if it's wanted we can even cut his hair!

The kennels cater for all sorts of breeds
And also for all the pets with extra special needs
An unvaccinated pet, I'm afraid will have to be barred
So remember to bring along his vaccination card
You can also bring his blanket and his special toys
And maybe some earplugs for us,because of all the noise

He'll get three walks daily and even biscuits in bed!
Plus plenty of cuddles and a wee pat on the head
And for feline guests there's a great big outdoor run
But it's getting them back in again, that's rather fun!

So come along and see us, or 'phone us in advance
'Cos once we're really busy you'll maybe miss the chance
The hours are from 10 -5 and on the weekends 10 - 4
We'll see you at 'Polfalden'! (the bell is on the door!)

Tel/Fax: +44 (0)1667 462409

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