Polfalden Boarding Kennels &
Storytime - a day in
the kennels for 'Spot'

...Sooooo! What do 'Spot' &  I get for my boarding fee then?

I 'wanna' tell you a story...based on fact!

And so little 'Spot' arrives at the kennels, at 8.30am., as you are in
a rush to get to where you are going ,(although we do have opening
times and closing times and also there is seven days in a week so
you could arrive the day before.... and we do open at
10.00am)....There is a reason for everything we do, outwith these
hours we will be exercising dogs 'off lead' ...they will be free running
and so a car arriving may not notice this and it is obviously a
danger to the pets.

'Spot' 'wee's' on the mat as he enters the Reception area, awwwww  
poor wee thing, we smile,speak to him nicely and give him a pat and
a biscuit...we ask you to complete the 'booking in' form, just a few
basic questions to make sure 'Spot' is comfortable during his stay
with us...you give us a little 'list' of what 'Spot' requires during his
stay...he has a dressing on his paw which requires to be changed
three times a day, and an old sock put over it to keep it clean, along
with his medication which is Synulox (twice a day with meals,) to
prevent any likely infection. He has weetabix and warm milk for
breakfast, and Eukanuba in the evening, Oh! and some shredded
carrot...to help his digestion...

Round we go to his kennel, we put his nice new bean-bag that you
bought him on the floor along with his toys and reassure him that he
will be Ok and leave him for 5 mins or so just to have a look around
and settle down.

5 mins later back we go to take little 'Spot' for his first walk (of three)
and he has 'poohed' on the floor( as the contents of the fridge were
emptied in to him before you went on holiday)and of course he'd
wee'd on his nice new bean bag just for good measure...so off he
goes for his walk, while we wash and tumble dry his bean-bag, clean
his kennel and ....
give him a clean dry warm vet bed so when he comes back from his
walk he will be comfy and warm.

A few minutes later we pass by his kennel and stop to speak to him
(as he is barking at his shadow) he has tipped his water dish over,
the floor is soaking wet as is  his feet and of course his vet bed
needs changed, so we towel dry his feet and replace the newspaper
on the floor of his kennel with dry paper and give him fresh water.
He has now been with us 10mins...

After someone sits with him in his kennel, for almost half an hour, to
calm him down and reassure him that you would be coming back to
get him again, we leave him again to carry on with the rest of our
daily routine, after about 30 mins or so you could smell the dreaded
smell that you hope is not what it obviously is....Oh dear... wee Spot
has diarrhoea, messed his clean bedding and messed himself as he
has been trampling through it and jumping at the door and
walls....so we walk Spot again, scrub and disinfect his kennel and  
replace his bedding, again....and he has a bath to clean him up a
little, which takes around an hour to wash and dry and brush him
out....it just isn't worth emptying the fridge in to him, it will make him

Now it is walkie and playtime, around about mid day....this time Spot
takes his turn with our other 38 canine and 20 feline boarders, who
may, or may not, have a 'list' like wee Spot's....he has his walk on a
long flexi lead...which he likes to take in his mouth and we try to
discourage, he managed to pierce the thin lead with his sharp teeth
and ruins a No8 Flexi, costing around £22.00 , which we can no
longer use as it may snap now....after his walk, on which we ensure
his 'motions are not loose, bloodied or in any other way abnormal
and then it's back to his kennel....

In the afternoon, we decided as he is still quite restless that we will
take him in to the kennel kitchen with us so he can watch us and
see what is going on....we bring his bed in too so he may lie down.
He wanders round the kitchen and lifts his leg on a brush which is
set against a wall, we wash and disinfect the brush and put it back
and mop the floor....during the afternoon he managed to pooh twice
which is really bad smelling and isn't nice to pick up and clean. So
we decide to put him back in his kennel. He does settle down
now....it is now 4.00pm ish....almost time to walk all the dogs again
and its almost time for the evening feeds to be set out... his motions
are almost normal now and he did eat his evening meal,(of course
Spot will eat only premium dog food like Eukanuba at £38.00 a
bag).... So walkies again....

Then it's bedding down for the night....

Morning day two....Spot's kennel is a mess, as is Spot, as expected,
so it's wash the bedding, he has also ripped his new bean bag to
shreds, which we have to explain to you...oh dear!, bath wee Spot
,again and....we clean the kennel, but this time Spot goes in to the
outside runs, as is normal in the mornings as it is impossible to walk
everyone at the same time, when it comes time to walk Spot we
notice that he has blood in his urine, which obviously has gone
unnoticed at home as he is always walked on grassland the runs
are concrete so it is easy to notice these important things....we
'phone the Vet and make the first available appointment for Spot,
off he goes to the Vet at 9.30am....he has an infection, and
apparently it is a condition which he is prone to and has been
treated for previously....so the Insurance will not cover the Vet
bill.....which including medication was £ 87.00....and of course our
time and transport costs....but never mind Spot is fine now....we
arrive back at the kennels and go to the boot of the estate car to
take wee Spot out...and lo and behold he has managed find the
edge of the boot carpet and was able to chew the corner( which
Ford quoted us £150 to replace...)

Another day of much of the same 3 walks etc., changing his
dressings etc., medication etc., but in the afternoon spot decided to
chew his vet beddding....nay ...rip it to shreds.... And vet bed cost
over £300 a roll...

Spot is going home today :-)  at around 4.55pm ,we are still walking
dogs...the answer phone is on for this reason...it rings and rings
and we know that no message is being left...so we rush the wee
dogs walk and run to the phone just incase it is an emergency, it
has to be.... someone just keeps trying and trying to get
through.......we take a telephone call from you to say that you are
running late and will be here at around 6.00pm ( we do close at
5.00pm during the week) ....would we mind?,as you will be passing
the end of our road anyway....at 6.45pm you arrive to collect wee
'Spot'....(I wonder if your local 'Butcher' who closes at 5.00pm would
be so obliging to give you a pound of sausages at 6.45pm in the

The doorbell rings, disturbing every other dog in the kennels...and
in you come ...asking how he has been and ...Whaaat? How much is
the bill? £ 22.00 for two days!?! He was only in one night.... So what
do  we get for that then?

Food Eukanuba at      £48.00 a bag
Vet bills                       £187.00
Vet bed  pe half roll    £300.00
Flexi lead                    £32.00
Disinfectant                £ 150 a tub
Cleaning materials      £15
Bath and Groom x 3   £75.00
Transport to vet          £10.00
Repairs to car carpet  £150
Total....                       £AAAArrrggghhhh! :-)

Share of heat, rates,water rates,phone, electricity,refuse disposal,
fuel,vet bills, licence fees, insurance costs.etc.,
Labour and wages     £  ?      ...and our never ending patience....no

And you only paid how much per day?...lalalalalalala :-)  

....want to buy a kennels?
''Hey 'Sula'? ...''What is it '' Hannah? ...Do you have any idea what
he is on about? ''Ask Tess, she might'' ...''No idea'' ...''but I'll ask
Quip and Neave, they are Guide Dogs so they will know, they are
smart!'' ...''Whaaaaaaaat us? No no idea!, but Ben I'm sure will,
he is the oldest and wisest''....''Not me''...''little Molly was speaking
to 'Spot' so she will know......
''For the discerning pet owner''

Telephones and Answering machines.....

...''There's no one there Euphemia, it's an Answering machine''

Chance would be a fine thing!!! There is someone here all the
time, I mean
all the time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365
days a year.

If we are unable to answer the telephone it means we are usually
busy with the pets....for example...if you are calling us at
say....8.00am...we will be up to our eyes in loud, hungry, barking
dogs, apart from being unable to answer the telephone, we
wouldnt be able to hear you anyway! Which is why the diaries are
in the 'office' and not in the kennels. We normally finish our kennel
routine at around 10.00am.

We start walking dogs again at around 12.00 midday and then
again early evening....

We are human, we have to eat, sometimes we are tired
too,sometimes we feel after a hard day that it is just too late to
answer the telephone.... just like everyone else... but if you leave a
message 'Euphemia' we will 'get back to you'...eventually.

Unless someone would like to pay for a receptionist?  :-)

It's nothing personal!!,  if we say it is 'full' ...we would love to be
able to take everyone but....when you are full....you are full! Just
like a hotel....except.....

....that in an hotel, you wouldnt be taken for three walks a day
and entertained by staff, your meals wouldnt be included in the
price, they normally wouldnt sit and cuddle you if you looked a bit
'down' and I just know they wouldnt come and bath you if you
came in after splashing in a puddle!!  :-)